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Data Management

Data Entry - English & Arabic

We maintain well-experienced staff proficient in manual data entry, proofing and editing to enter large amounts of data quickly and accurately. We can key in your data from any format, whether it is in the form of image, hard copy, manuscript or online data capture. We digitize large volumes of content; newspapers, books, journals and a variety of medical/ insurance claim forms and other documents from print, electronic images and microfilm.

Input Document Formats

Paper / Scanned Images: A document is commonly perceived to be paper. Paper documents are automatically converted to an image format and are then further processed to create a text editable and text searchable electronic document.
E.g. TIFF, GIF, PDF, JPEG, and DjVu.

Output Document Formats

Simple text conversion: This is the simplest and most commonly used document format in both PC and UNIX environments. The word processing software handles these formats commonly, although graphics, document layout and character fonts
are not permitted. E.g. ASCII, ANSI, UNICODE

Application Specific Formats

These are document formats are similar to the original paper document having page integrity features. When formatted, these documents are more versatile than simple text conversion as they are fully text editable and searchable.

Word Processing Services

Many organizations today generate documents in formats that cannot be widely distributed due to application restrictions - the target either does not have the required application to read the document or runs a different version of the application. With the emergence of net-friendly electronic document formats there is a growing need to convert proprietary text based digital formats into document formats that are independent of platform, application and version.

Our Word Processing Service converts data in these proprietary formats to universally accepted delivery formats such as RTF and DOC. The converted documents are cross-platform, can be used with free downloadable viewers, have compact sizes and can be printed with no loss in image or data quality.

Hns Infotech offers professionally managed Medical and General Transcription Services maintaining very high standards in providing patient information management services.

Form Processing

We process medical, dental and insurance claim forms viz. HIPAA, HCFA-1500 either by automatic data capture using OCR/ ICR tools or by manual data entry depending on your requirement and quality of the input format. We do double keying; create validation tools based on a set of rules depending on your requirement to ensure 99.995% accuracy.

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