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Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services

HnS infotech support team can be reached through multiple channels— Email, Phone and Chat.

HnS Infotech standard Helpdesk Support Services are available Monday through Friday (excluding local holidays) during the working hours of the respective local helpdesk. The standard helpdesk support includes logging of customer call, registration (if the support call is identified as a defect), and providing a defect fix within the stipulated timeframe, depending on the criticality classification.

Online Support

We strongly believe that we provide the most pro-active account management and IT support in the industry.

We will help you maximise your staff productivity through the clever use of IT, we help manage your budget and work with you to understand where improvements can be made. Basically, you can think of us as your IT Director: We want your IT department to run as efficiently, smoothly and successfully as possible.

Offline Support

To Offline or not to Offline? On one hand it adds a fair amount of code complexity but in those times when a user is doing a very important task and a connection is lost they’re not going to be very happy when their app just stops working.

In wanting a high quality product I’ve been on the search for ways to support offline in my app. I discovered that the HnS Infotech team had Offline support in their client library.

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