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Imaging and indexing Services

Imaging and indexing Services

Generally, Imaging and indexing projects go together

Indexing is either field-based, or full-text, or a combination of the two. Indexed field data make unique identification of documents possible. Adding other indexing fields provides additional, controlled ways to access individual records or groups of similar records. Retrieval from index fields is consistent and accurate because it is based on
a controlled search vocabulary. Ideally, field indexing is performed at the point when business documents are created.

Full-text indexes are created automatically. The software reads every word of every document in a database and creates an inverted index of words and their locations in the database. End-users can search the database using any words and the system will find every match between the search term(s) and the text of the documents. Full-text searching makes it easy to locate documents when users are not exactly sure what they need

Djvu Conversion

Over 90% of information in the world is still on paper, many with colour graphics or photographs. Almost none of this rich content is on the Internet. This is largely due to the fact that scanning such documents at readable resolutions, such as JPEG, GIF or PNG formats, means having to deal with file sizes too large for acceptable download speeds. Small sizes, on the other hand, compromise on quality and therefore legibility.

DjVu is a new Image Compression Technology that provides an answer to this, providing relatively smaller file sizes for high-quality images. What's more, DjVu files can be viewed using free plug-ins. The Document Factory creates high-resolution images of documents, digital documents or photographs via the Internet or Intranet

Acrobat PDF Conversion

Acrobat PDF Conversion Converting documents into PDF formats are a sure-fire way to ensure they stay future-proof. All scanned documents can be converted to the following PDF formats:

PDF Normal with fully text searchable with images
PDF image + text - OCR'd text embedded over original image
Full colour PDF-exact replicas of printed books
SBlank PDFs

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